Become a Member of BACA

Membership is open to those with a clinical or scientific interest in anatomy in its broadest sense, from microscopic anatomy, cadaveric dissection, education, through to clinical fields of surgery and radiology. 

Members become part of a community of learners with the same shared goal - to advance the study and resaerch of clinical anatomy for all, and receive the Journal of Clinical Anatomy, from our publisher, Wiley. 

Members receive invites to submit abstracts to our biannual scientific meetings. Support is offered to early career academic and clinical staff as well as students who would wish to gain experience in presentation of their work. All presented abstracts are published in our journal.  

We offer several different types of membership (see below).

Membership Types


£100 GBP per annum

Receive journal in paper and online format

Full (on-line)

£70 GBP per annum

Receive journal in online format only


£30 GBP per annum

Receive journal in online format only

Must supply annual evidence of student status at higher education institution 


£30 GBP per annum

Available only to individuals with active membership of sister organisations (AACA, ANZACA, ASSA)


Fee exempt

Awarded at the discretion of council to long-standing members of the Association

Senior / Retired

Fee exempt

Previous longstanding members of the association may on retirement apply for senior membership without journal, but wish to recieve continued correspondence from BACA

Membership Applications

Application Process

  • All applicants are required to complete an application form, available on request from our membership secretary (see below)
  • All applicants must be nominated by a current member of BACA
  • Where direct nomination from a member of BACA is not possible, applicants must provide a letter from a senior colleague who knows them in a professional capacity and can recommend them to the association 
  • Student applicants must also provide in addition to the above, annual proof of student status e.g. letter from supervisor on official letterhead
  • All applications when complete must be ratified at BACA Council before acceptance into the association (council meetings held twice annually)

Please email for an application form

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