One of our association aims is to encourage future generations of clinical anatomists through scholarship, prizes and sponsorship. 

BACA Scholarships


Awards of up to £1000 will be made available twice yearly to aid research into clinical anatomy and anatomical education. Applications will open in the months of March and November of any given year and will be considered by BACA Council. Successful applicants will be required to complete data collection and analysis within two years of receiving this award. 


 To promote scholarship into clinical anatomy and anatomical education. 

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Conference Prizes


The Conrad-Lewin prizes aim to engage, enthuse and reward excellence shown by young researchers in clinical anatomy and anatomical education. 

We award two Conrad-Lewin prizes (one for the best oral and poster presentation) for those BACA members who are either students OR members who are normally within five years of their final undergraduate graduation. 

Prize money and a certificate is awarded to each winner. 


Discretionary prize for best research presented at a BACA conference.

These prizes are open to all delegates, whether BACA members or not, who are presenting their work at an association meeting. Presentations eligible for these prizes will be those that display outstanding research in the fields of clinical anatomy and/or anatomical education. 

Prize money or free membership of BACA for 1 year will be awarded to the winner.


Public Engagement Awards


Awards of £50 will be made available to those who wish to carry out public engagement events related to human anatomy. Events will primarily be aimed at children and members of the public.  Successful applicants will be provided with BACA promotional material and will be expected collect feedback on the engagement event. 


 To enthuse youngsters about human anatomy. To encourage future generations of anatomists. 

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BACA Sponsorship


BACA will sponsor other events that it deems suitable that promote the dissemination of clinical anatomy and anatomical education research. 

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Application forms

BACA Scholarships (pdf)


Public Engagement Awards (pdf)